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"Darker Than Night"

"Darker Thank Night" is a drama packed thriller incorporating a gripping story, amazing actors, lush stes and top notch production.  The story reflects the demand of audiences both Domestic and Foreign. The setting and assets of Spiderwood Studios and it Back-lot are incorporated into the story so the most efficent and cost-effective production can be realized.

Post Production will be accomplished in Spiderwood Production's incredible post production facility.  We have high profile Visual Effects talent as part of the team.  Academy Award nominated Tim Cunningham, Visual Effects Producer for “Snow White and the Huntsman” and acclaimed Sean Cunningham, known for his visual effects direction for many major films, including “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “2012”.

By hosting the production at Spiderwood Studios, access to the Colorado River will be utilized to provide impressive production value. Facades will be constructed on the Spiderwood Back-lot for the "Town" and "Mine exterior". Arial drones will be incorporated for establishing Photography.

The teaser was produced in Spiderwood's sound stages. As seen in the Teaser the mine and rock formations are practical sets already on location at Spiderwood Studios.

Thanks, Tommy G Warren, Studio Executive

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